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Address: 23 floor, Hawaii complex building, 1515 Changhe Avenue, Dezhou Economic Development Zone, Shandong.
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Social Responsibility

Dejian International donates to BLESS THE CHILDREN'S ORPHANAGE in Georgetown, Guyana
Dejian International donated love supplies to the primary schools in Georgetown, Guyana.
Focus | Dejian International Praised by Local Government of Tanzania for Fulfilling Social Responsibilities
Walk With Love And Warm Local|Dejian International Overseas Branches Carry Out Construction Assistance And Donation Activities
Give Thumbs Up|Tanzania Branch was Praised for Its Public Donation
Based on Local and Giving Back to Local|Romania Branch Donated to Local Primary Schools, and Actively Performed Social Responsibilities  
Tanzania BranchContribution to Fulfill Social Responsibility and Improve Public Welfare
Staff Elegant Demeanor -Shandong Dejian International Arranged Management Staff Blood Donation
Dejian International South Sudan CompanyCares for Local Employees, Highlights Dejian's Humanitarian!
Popular Science | Tree Planting Day
FulfillingSocial Responsibility, With the Public Benefit-Shandong Dejian Group Co., Zambia Ltd made Donation to The Fountain Hope Orphanage
Perform Social Responsibility to Provide Help for Local Public Welfare
KindnessIs on the Road, Keep Moving forward|Dejian International Zambia Engineering Company donates to the Munali community
Contribute to the Torch Relay ---Tanzania Project Department Renovates the Road of Torch Relay
Start from Our Side, Start from Trifles
The Donation with Loving-heart Never Stopped
Carry love through to the end
Fulfill social responsibility, highlighting the construction of love
Sultan engineering company for local orphans love
Love water
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