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Happy women's day to celebrate the welfare

Happy women's day to celebrate the welfare

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  In March, Spring is in the air. radiant and enchanting spring scene, we ushered in the 107th International Women's day. To celebrate the festival, the international company held a celebration in March 8th.

  The outdoor sunshine, warm, indoor ebullience, full of smile. At the celebration, ladies and workers to speak freely, and some talk about work, some talk about parenting, and some talk about family chores, the atmosphere is very pleasant, relaxed. After the event, the company made for female workers work hard for every female workers carefully prepared a gift bag, after receiving a gift of female workers who smile, and thank the company for everyone to send intimate gift.

  Through the celebration, the company not only understand the normal work and life of female workers, small friction, but also to understand the female employees of the company for their sake. I wish all my friends here are beautiful, healthy and happy!


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