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The 2018 ENR Awards Ceremony Dejian Group Returns Home with HonorOn August 31, the China International Contractors Association h

The 2018 ENR Awards Ceremony Dejian Group Returns Home with HonorOn August 31, the China International Contractors Association h

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On August 31, the China International Contractors Association held a “2018 ENR International Contractor Top 250 Ranking Ceremony and Business Exchange Seminar”.More than 180 people from 69 listed companies in the “ENR International Contractors Top 250” in China this year attended the event.

There are total 69 companies were selected as “the world’s largest 250 international contractors” among the mainland Chinese companies that participated in the China Foreign Contracting Engineering Chamber of Commerce,which are increase 4 compared withlast year. The number of listed companies ranked first in the list of countries. DejianGroup ranks 175, which is a steady increase from last year’s ranking.The main basis of the ENR ranking is the gross operating income of the company’s international and domestic construction contracting. At the same time, the “Total Annual Profit”, “Net Asset Profit Rate” and “Asset-liability Ratio” are used as reference indicators and appraise and elect the top 250 international contractors.DejianGroup has entered the list for two consecutive years, which demonstrates the strength and influence of DejianGroup in the field of international engineering contracting, and lays a good foundation for expanding and developing the international contracting business in the future.Since 2007, DejianGroup has been implementing the “go out” strategy, sticking to making over all plans about the local, domestic and foreign markets, and expanding the market to 16 countries in Asia, Europe and Africa. Our business covers construction, real estate development, international engineering contracting, international trade, labor export and building materials processing.

In addition, Dejian group has been dedicated and professional in fulfilling our social responsibility. Through joint efforts with African people, by virtue of our own advantages and the national “One Belt And One Road”,Dejian group has put the modernized solar mill project across the plains of African countries. The Zambian solar mill project has been included in the list of excellent cases of corporate social responsibility performance evaluation of foreign contracted projects in 2018, which is a model of harmonious coexistence between human and nature.