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Vice Minister of Shandong Province Ren Airong and Her Delegation Visited Zambia Engineering Company for Inspection

Vice Minister of Shandong Province Ren Airong and Her Delegation Visited Zambia Engineering Company for Inspection

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On December 12, Zambia time, Ms. Ren Airong, Vice Minister of Shandong province, who is participating in the foreign affairs activities of establishing friendship between Shandong Province andEastern Province of Zambia, paid a special visit to Shandong Dejian Group Company Zambia Limited to inspect and guide the work.She Chunming, Director of provincial Commerce Department, Xue Qingguo, director of the provincial foreign affairs office and others accompanied the activities.

Vice MinisterRen Airongand her delegation first visited the site of “Presidential Milling Initiative” -- Solar PoweredMilling Plant project in Lusaka.The social significance of the implementation of this project by DejianGroup was highly appraised, and the company was further instructed to do a good job in the later operation, maintenance and other supporting work of the project, so as to fully demonstrate the brand benefit and honest spirit of Shandongoverseas enterprises.

In the office of Zambia Engineering Company, vice MinisterRen Airong and her delegation visited the exhibition hall and resident facilities of the company, watched the corporate video of DejianGroup, listened to the work report of the person in charge of the company, and communicated with the main management personnel of the company warmly.RenAironggave full recognition to DejianGroup’s vigorous development and long-term planning in Africa, and highlighted the Solar Power Milling project. She believed that the use of solar power to help African countries to complete projects, especially the livelihood projects such as Solar Power Milling, are worthy of recognition and support.She asked Shandong Dejian Group to help Zambian people, at the same time, further establish the brand reputation of Shandong enterprises and even Chinese enterprises, let Zambian people truly understand the unremitting efforts made by Chinese enterprises to help them solve livelihood problems, and make positive contributions to deepening China-Zambia friendship.


She Chunming, XueQingguo and others under the leadership of the provincial department also expressed their strong support for the development of Dejian in Zambia, and encouraged the development of Dejian people in Zambia and even the whole Africa to make persistent efforts and reach a higher level.

Vice MinisterRen Airong and her delegation paid a special visit to Zambia Engineering Company for inspection and guidance, which greatly encouraged and inspired the whole group. With the strong support and care of provincial leaders, our group is determined to fulfill our mission and redouble efforts to improve the level of foreign economic and technological cooperation and make our due contribution to China-Zambia and even China-Africa friendship.