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Zambia Branch Holds a Special Seminar on Safety Prevention Expertise

Zambia Branch Holds a Special Seminar on Safety Prevention Expertise

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  In order to enhance the safety awareness & self-protection awareness of the employees and deepen the understanding of the importance of security work. Recently, Zambia Branch held a special seminar on safety prevention expertise in the conference room of the company office. This seminar, specially invites the Mr. Wang Miao - General Manager of Green Shield Security Company who carries on the specialized explanation on the security issues. The whole management team of Zambia Branch in the company office attended this seminar.


    In the seminar, Mr.Wang Miao - General Manager of the Green Shield Security Company respectively analyzed the security work at company office and construction site. He pointed out some potential safety risks at present time and carried out detailed demonstration in combination with the specific case. In the meanwhile, several suggestions on safety prevention were made as follows:

- First of all, to raise safety awareness of the management team, carry out regular check on any of hidden safety risks and achieve ‘prevent trouble in the bud’.
- Secondly, to mitigate our own risks to the minimum by improvement on the company's day-to-day management regulation as well as software & hardware facilities like monitoring.
- To strengthen and improve the company's rules and regulations, enhance the level of staff management, effectively reduce or avoid risks; To implement the management system of local security personnel whereby a better service of security personnel will be ensured.
- In parallel, to strengthen the construction of hardware facilities, improve the level of security so as to ensure formation of the first security barrier.
- Last but not the least, the Company can not be relaxed on the management of local staff while strengthening the management of Chinese employees.
     For Chinese employees, the Company shall establish reasonable traveling time and route to avoid the time and area with high risk rate, especially travel of the financial department. Regarding local employees, it is necessary to avoid excessive cash business information to be known to local staffs, and strictly control local people's working hours and areas.In addition, the safety issues of foreign companies, can not solely rely on security companies. Prevention and enhancement of our own safety awareness are mostly more important.
    The special seminar on safety prevention expertise does not only enhance the safety awareness of employees, but also provides references for further improvement of the safety management system of the company. Moreover, it enables the staffs to deeply realize the importance of security risk prevention where it plays a key role for continuous, stable and healthy company development.