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Dejian International Holds a Competition of "Poetry, emotion and rhyme" Hard Pen Calligraphy

Dejian International Holds a Competition of "Poetry, emotion and rhyme" Hard Pen Calligraphy

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In order to carry forward the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, cultivate personal sentiment and enhance the soft power of personal , Dejian international issued a notice at the beginning of March to organize and carry out the work collection activity of the "Poetry, Emotion and Rhyme" hard pen calligraphy competition. All departments, branch companies and project departments have organized and participated in it. After one month's practice and preparation, 73 calligraphy works have been submitted.

In line with the principle of fair and just evaluation, the company specially invited Mr. Du Weidong, vice chairman of Dezhou calligraphic Association and Master of calligraphy of Southwest University, to participate in the on-site evaluation.

After more than two hours of careful selection, a total of 12 winning works were selected. Among them, there are 1 first prize, 2 second prizes, 3 third prizes and 6 excellent prizes.


Appreciation of winning works


First prize (Shi Kaiyue, Ministry of Domestic Projects)
Calligrapher's comment: The dotted lines flow smoothly, the thickness changes naturally, and the whole article is full of momentum and passion.
Second Prize (Zhang Weihua, Tanzania Project Department)
Calligrapher's comment: The dotted lines turn round naturally, the structure is clever, the breath is timeless, flying without losing the quiet.
Second Prize (Zambia Engineering Company Wang Hongbing)
Calligrapher's comment: The dot painting is long and sharp, opening and closing naturally, the momentum is flying without losing harmony, the layout is reasonable.
Third Prize (Baibang Trade Meng Xiaojun)
Calligrapher's comment: The dot painting is fresh and natural, with a little flying passion mixed in an orderly way, and the style is far away from it.
Third Prize (Domestic Project Department Liu Jingcun)
Calligrapher's comment: The dot painting is natural in writing, the structure comes out of the machine, the characters are opened and closed, not neat and not interesting, and the layout of the rules is clever and innovative.
Third Prize (Côte d'Ivoire Office Fang Yu)
Calligrapher's comment: The stippling and writing are simple, no sense of pretentiousness, the body is casual and self-interesting, the overall movement is quiet, and it is free to relax.
Excellence Award (Tao Duo Office Cao Xuqiang)
Calligrapher's comment: Writing calligraphy with Liyi, dot painting is natural, the structure is ingenious, and the style is fresh throughout.
Excellence Award (Zheng Yajie, Project Department of Tanzania)
Calligrapher's comment: The dotted picture is folded and unfolded, exaggerated, exaggerated, natural and quiet.
Excellence Award (Cambodia Office Zhang Changxi)
Calligrapher's comment: There is a sense of flying in the rigorous dot painting.
Excellence Award (Baibang Trading Shanghong Liang)
Calligrapher's comment: The body is rigorous, the stippling movement is complete, the work is steady and natural and smooth, and there is no charm.
Excellence Award (Chen Hui, Tanzanian Project Department)
Calligrapher's comment: Writing naturally and freely, there is a kind of fun between the lines, the layout is harmonious and smooth.
Excellence Award (Peng Kun, Zambia Engineering Company)
Calligrapher's comment: The dot painting is natural, the body is casual, and the whole article is empty and fresh.

Through this activity, the staff's writing ability and aesthetic taste have been greatly improved, which will further stimulate the staff's enthusiasm for continuous practice of hard pen calligraphy, and will imperceptibly improve the staff's soft power and cultural literacy.


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