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Staff's demeanor ︱ keep the responsibility and refuseto retreat—Series of paying tribute to the overseas pioneer standing fast to their positions in face of COVID-19

Staff's demeanor ︱ keep the responsibility and refuseto retreat—Series of paying tribute to the overseas pioneer standing fast to their positions in face of COVID-19

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There are such a group of people in Dejian International.

Where there is the company's strategic deployment,

there is their dedicated figure .

They constantly release their passionate powe r,

and pursue the original direction of all the way forward .

Today , let's walk into them together .


FANG YU--- Standing fast to the overseas market and showing her heroine responsibility

Fang Yu , female , born in August 1991, was sent to work in Cote d 'Ivoire in June 2018 . In March 2019, the Cote d'Ivoire office was officially established , she is mainly responsible for the development of the Cote d'Ivoire market . In a foreign country, she holds multiple jobsasbusiness representative , translator, cashier and logistics .  Many difficulties in her work did not repel her confidence .  Her unique indomitable spirit and tenacity made her bloom and her work began to make breakthroughs . 

On March 11, the first new COVID-19case was confirmed in Ivory Coast . As the pandemic intensified, the government of Cote d'Ivoire closed all the exit routes on March 22 and began to block the capital city Abidjan. She didn't retreat, but still chose to stick to her post. At the beginning of the pandemic, she had accumulated enough anti pandemic materials such as masks and gloves. After the closure of the city,  the government called on the people to work at home. She still worked nonstop. She kept close contact with the clients and agents who were tracking the project, and closely communicated with them about the next step .


Although Africa's medical conditions are very backward and the road to fight against the pandemic is very difficult, she firmly believes that all the setbacks in front of her are just tests. As long as she is brave, persistent and strong, she will eventually usher in the day of victory of the battle against the pandemic.


CAO XUQIANG---Conquering difficulties and defending the front line with passion to embrace the future

Cao Xuqiang, male, born in December 1989, was sent to Guyana in August 2019 to take charge of market development and operation.

In 2019, the company stepped into the Caribbean market for the first time. As the first group of market developers in the Caribbean region, he paid attention to key countries according to the company's development strategy arrangement, carried out market research in Grenada, Trinidad and Guyana, and obtained first-hand basic information for project development and implementation. According to the energy endowment of different countries, he made preparations for the key market layout. At the same time, actively cooperate with the company's market development strategy, understand customer pain points in advance, develop specific project solutions in combination with the company's own advantages, and strive to promote the development process of government projects such as housing construction and municipal administration. Through in-depth market investigation in the capital and hinterland of Guyana, first-hand information is obtained to seek market opportunities for trade and investment projects other than construction projects, so as to provide information support for the company's market deepening and decision-making.

Facing the double influence of "Pandemic situation" and "General election", it is difficult to develop the market, but he never stops working. While carrying outproper personal protection and ensuring safety, he keeps in touch with customers through telephone, video conference and other ways, listen to customers' needs, formulate plans in combination with domestic resources, strive to expand new customers, and lay a solid foundation for in-depth market development.


In front of the pandemic, the economy is in a downturn. Despite the difficulties and the long way ahead, he has never changed his mind and passion. He insists on self-driving to move forward fearlessly and courageously!


ZHANG CHANGXI---Taking on the responsibility bravely and boosting the new development of international market

Zhang Changxi, male, born in May 1976, was sent to work in Zambia in December 2018. According to the company's arrangements, he was sent to Cambodia in March 2020 to be in charge of market development.

During the pandemic, international flights are full of potential risks. As an senior employee of Dejian, he is not afraid to show up where he needs to be. When he arrived in Cambodia, he made some adjustments and took an active part in market development. guaranteeing self-protection, he starts investigating the construction market of some major cities in Cambodia. When going out during the day, he visits the projects, investment companies, design companies and construction companies during the day and sort them out and keep record at night. Through the analysis and summary of the investigation, the next step of the plan is confirmed to focus on the contact and tracking of China investment companies, China state-owned construction enterprises and state-owned enterprises, and to maintain Contact with Chinese Embassy in Cambodia and Commercial counselor's office.


He is always on the move and firmly believes that the cold winter of the pandemic will pass, and Cambodia's market development will usher in a promising spring.


We believe

the international market development group of Dejian will grow like mushrooms after rain.

We firmly believe

they will pursue dreams with full of passion;


they will continue to innovate and lead the journey.