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Mom, I want to tell you...

Mom, I want to tell you...

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The poet Dante once said, there is a most beautiful voice in the world, that is the call from our mother.


Indeed so, the mother’s voice is thesweet melodious songswhen we are young, is the whisperingfrom the ears whenwe are youth, is the unbreakable care when we are adult.From come into the world with a cry toact independently and with the initiative in our own hands, mother always support us with love on every step of our wayfor the entire life. Our mother is like the spring sky, her love is like the spring rain general moisture gentle;Our mother is like a distant forest, her love as deep as adventure; Our mother is like a steep mountain, her love is like a waterfall of vast surging; Our mother is like a thrilling movie, her love is as varied as the pictures.


Mother is humble as moss


As solemn as the dawn

As soft as the sound of water in Jiangnan

As strong as a thousand years of cold jade

When I lift up my eyes

she is the bright moon

When she bowed her head


she is the vast earth


Yes, how great is she! She bears the most pain, bears the most pressure, swallowed the most tears, still with love, with warmth, with compassion, with kindness, with a smile, in the face of life, in front of her children.Come to think of it, time is not the thief who stole mother’s youth, we are.


White hair wear flower and please don’t smile, the years never defeated beauty.

In order to express our love for our own mother, Dejian International employees at home and abroad use their own unique way to send their own filial piety and holiday blessings to their dear mother, so that time will always stay in the flower time.




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