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Commencement Ceremony of Kuito River Bridge During Mid-Autumn Festival

Commencement Ceremony of Kuito River Bridge During Mid-Autumn Festival

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On the 1st of October, Shadnong Dejian International Angola Branch welcomed several special guests . They were Governor  Pereira▪Alfredoof Biye Province, Vice Governor JoseTchatuvela, Mayor of Queto City and the consultant of project,  who came to attend the commencement  ceremony  of the new  QuetoBridge Project in Kuito City, which was undertaken by Angola branch company.

The atmosphere of the activity was warm and the people were  enthusiastic to participate in the activity. They supported and trusted Dejian International Co., Ltd., which undertook the project. The enthusiastic support and trust of the people greatly  encouraged  the  our staff to create excellent project to benefit the local people in return.

After the commencement ceremony, the Governor visitedKunjeMarket project, another project undertaken by Shandong Dejian International Angola branch. After seeing the actual progress of the project, the governor was very satisfied and immediately finalized the follow-up funding and determined the project as  a key project in Kuituo  city. The general manager of Angola branch,Mr. Cheng Bo, promised to complete the project with good quality .

Adhering to the company core concept of "To Make Achievement With Morality , To Realize Successes With Credit" , Shandong Dejian International  Angola branch alwasy rewards the clientsand benefits the people and society with excellent projects.



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