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Zambia Branch Moving into the New Residence

Zambia Branch Moving into the New Residence

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  Recently, Zambia branch spends two days onmoving into the new office building.Since the date of new office building’s foundation-stone laying ceremony on March 28, 2017, it takes almost one year to complete the skeleton construction and interior&exterior finishes. The main building with three floors is made up of reinforced concrete frame structure, including the office and accommodation areas.In addition, the staff dining room, hospitality standard room, KTV entertainment room, yard for indoor fitness &badminton&table tennisetc. are separately established by which employees’ office work and living environment are greatly improved.



  The overall office building adopts photovoltaic power generation and solar water-heating system to provide electricity and hot water all-weather service.The adoption of photovoltaic power generation system has become a highlight of the whole building. Specifically, uninterrupted water supply&power supply are maintained in case of power-off situation. Meanwhile, it becomes a vivid example to show this photovoltaic power generation system. Most of the finishing materials for the building are procured from China. After construction completion, the local designing consultancy companiesare invited to visit the building for many times, which is well praised by these designing consultancy companies.



  The official opening ofoffice buildingmarks Dejian International company’s determination to gain a foothold inZambia market, and it indicates a more further development ofDejian International company in Zambia.New environment, New appearance. Entire staffsin Zambia companywill devote themselves to the work with moreenthusiasm.For the sake of company’s better future, they will remain true to their original aspiration and give it their all.