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Harmony, Cohesion and Be Together | Dejian International launched the “Hey Flip Floor Curling, Happy Summer Vacation” Floor Curling competition for staffs’ children
Emotion Together Co-create|Dejian International Carried out the Activity of Title of“The Sun is Better Than the Barbecue”
“Watching Red Movie to Break a New Ground, Building the Party Together to Write a New Chapter”-Dejian International Held Watching Red Movie Activity in March
Emotion Together Co-creation|Dejian International Held “Taking Away Worries For Love By Tufted Blanket DIY”International Women’s Day Activity
Heart-Warming-Dejian International Conducts Spring Festival Condolences to Families of Overseas Employees
Team Building through New Year Theme Activity by Dejian International
Dejian International Carried out Employee Birthday Celebrations Thanks for Your Participation and Contribution All the Way
View the Development History of Dezhou,Warm the Double Ninth Festival in Golden Autumn - Dejian International Organizes Museum Visit and Family Banquet on the Double Ninth Festival in 2021
Dejian International Conducted Special Training on COVID-19 Prevention and Control Knowledge
In the Name of Youth, Build a Dream of the Future ┃ Dejian International Geld 2021 New Employee Welcome Meeting
 ”Try Their Hand at Floor Curling” ----- Dejian International held the First Staffs’ Children’s Floor Curling Competition
Playing Floor Curling, Gather Strength | Dejian International carries out the Floor Curling Competition Game
Dejian International held the commendation meeting of "Loyalty to enterprise and love post" and the Party branch secretary's lecture activity
Dejian International on Red Tourism of “Review History of CCP to Stay True to The Party’s Original Aspiration and Draw Strength to Forge Ahead”
Dejian International: Children's Day Pottery DIY parent child activities, love the CPC patriotic activities
Commemorating the centennial founding of the CCP, Inheriting the Spirit of the May 4th Movement and Build-up the Body Strength Shandong Dejian International Launched Mountaineering Activities on May 4th Youth Day
Dejian International Team-Building Visit----RecallingExtraordinary Times in Now Happiness
Dejian Internationalhold Celebration of Christmas and New Year
Shandong Dejian Group Co., Zambia Ltd. Organized Visits to the Lusaka National Museum
“Welcome Chinese National Day and Spend Warm Double Ninth Festival” - DejianInternational Carried out a Celebration Activity for the Staff’sParentsin the Double Festivals of 2019
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