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Address: 23 floor, Hawaii complex building, 1515 Changhe Avenue, Dezhou Economic Development Zone, Shandong.
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All units affiliated to Dejian International have successively carried out the "first lesson of work safety" education activities in safety production
Dejian International Successfully Held A Publicity and Implementation Meeting For "The First Class of Starting Construction" In Safety Production
We Remain True to Our Original Aspiration, Work Hard with High Spirits and Quick Action We Gather Strength and Set Journey off Again Dejian International 2021 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference held Smoothly
Meet with Fresh Graduate Dejian International held a Introduction Meeting for Fresh Graduates of 2021
Good News-Dejian International Awarded Angolan Outstanding Excellent Construction Enterprise
Give Thumbs Up|Tanzania Branch was Praised for Its Public Donation
Based on Local and Giving Back to Local|Romania Branch Donated to Local Primary Schools, and Actively Performed Social Responsibilities  
Attention: The Delegation of Minister of Education,Guyana Visited Our ST.Rose High School Project in Caribbean Region
Focus-the Commencement Ceremony of 10KM Municipal Road Project in Catabora City, Biye Province, Angola
Delegation of the Foreign Affairs Office of Shandong Provincial Party Committee and their Investigation and Guidance to Dejian International
Dejian International Carried out Employee Birthday Celebrations Thanks for Your Participation and Contribution All the Way
Focus-the Phase II 11# Building of Shanghe Zhonghe Jinlinfu High-Rise Residential Project Capped Successfully
Focus-New Breakthrough in Opening Sales of La Cittadella Garden
Focus-Report of Dejian International by the Romania Local Mainstream Media
View the Development History of Dezhou,Warm the Double Ninth Festival in Golden Autumn - Dejian International Organizes Museum Visit and Family Banquet on the Double Ninth Festival in 2021
Glad News | The Saudi Arabia Project Department was Awarded the Safe and Civilized Construction Award by Saudi Aramco (Arabian American Oil Company)
Romanian Sunshine Apartment Project Blinding Concrete was Poured successfully
The Delegation of Tanzania National Road Agency Visited Our Company's 50KM Road Project for Investigation and Study
Dejian International Held the Publicity and Implementation Meeting of “Double Prevention System Construction” and “Three Yeas Action Plan for Project Promotion”
The Main Structure of 1700 Affordable Housing Unit Project in Algeria has been Completed Recently
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