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Participate in the construction of Dezhou and carry forward the spirit of

Participate in the construction of Dezhou and carry forward the spirit of

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  The morning of May 4th, in order to celebrate the "54" Youth Festival, international organization of domestic young workers, with deep respect for sanitation workers, coordination in Dezhou City Department of environmental health cleaning four Squadron, with customized gifts condolences to the sanitation workers in the first operation.

  Condolences to the scene, the international youth workers and sanitation workers in accordance with the "one on one" model to clean up the street experience. Some people pick up trash, some people rub the trunk, someone swept the water, we do it in full swing. The cleaning process from Tianqu road and Sichuan Road intersection to cross the road and Regent Avenue Tianqu road in nearly five years, young workers said that although this section of the road is not long, but I feel very tired, sanitation workers to clean as can be imagined a day longer, and more than once repeated cleaning work, how hard it is. In the eyes of people, sanitation work is ordinary, inconspicuous, but they are not afraid of hardship, not afraid of dirty spirit, there is no clean, clean city. Through this event, the young employees of the international company deeply appreciate the importance of the ordinary post, the sanitation workers from the bottom of my heart to admire. Subsequently, young workers for sanitation workers to send one international company specially for the cup, they took the gift customized, sanitation workers have very touched, thank, thank De Jian think they have these ordinary workers.

  Dezhou City, the rapid development in recent years, we feel proud as the people of Dezhou, as has a more than and 60 year history of the German construction workers, we are to participate in the construction of Dezhou, although our meager strength, but we still do, young people make Dezhou better.