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Strengthen red line consciousness and promote safety development

Strengthen red line consciousness and promote safety development

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  In order to improve staff security awareness and skills, improve working environment, promote the project construction and trial production work carried out smoothly, strengthen security work, Zambia engineering company within the company to carry out extensive red strengthen awareness and Safety Month activities to promote security and development "as the theme of".

  The morning of May 17th, at the Lusaka new base safety education room, Zambia engineering company, combining with the actual project, the project department safety engineer for site safety hazards excluded results, combined with the recent "safety production month" activities to implement the program of special requirements, the construction unit of the project management personnel, professional subcontractors management personnel, production line China workers and local workers to carry out targeted, with the actual problem, from the safety regulations, construction scaffolding construction site, the relevant requirements of construction site construction machinery safety technical regulations and safety standards, with use of security room facilities, conducted a lively special safety education activities. The living scene does not regulate the pictures and safety accident pictures, practices and regulations, standard of careful comparison, the participants intuitively feel the compliance, according to the importance of the construction and the importance of safety. The participants said in the days after the production safety, the production safety concept passed to each line operators, truly implement the measures and requirements of the safety production month "activities, the site safety put on a level, adhere to the" safety first, unsafe production, adhere to the "to conscientiously abide by the rules and regulations of production safety, the" safety production month "activities directly with the actual construction site together, not for regular site safety hazards rectification, site security risks, at the same time, Zambia engineering company responsible person also made clear that all team construction site should carry out their duties, strictly control the construction site safety production work all the work and earnestly implement the company" safety production month "activity plan.

  Finally, through the special safety education activities, so that we fully realize the realistic significance of safety, feel safe everywhere, always put safety in mind, safety responsibility weightier than Mount Tai!