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Passionate, dare to fight

Passionate, dare to fight

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  In order to enrich cultural life of workers, improve the comprehensive quality of employees, enhance team spirit and collective cohesion, workers show positive outlook, German construction group in the Workers Cultural Palace lighting the basketball court basketball tournament held 2017 employees.



  There were 13 teams in the competition, and the circulation system was adopted. In the arena, the international company players actively put in and go all out, not to the last minute of the game, never give up, while the players take the overall situation, general knowledge, obedience to the referee, competition style, competition level. The cheerleaders cheered for them. In the course of the game, the referee to enforce the law, serious, safeguard fair competition and continuity and ornamental. The successful implementation of this competition has enhanced the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the staff, cultivated the collective sense of honor and demonstrated the spirit of unity, harmony and courage of the international company.

  In support of the international leadership of the company as well as the players' unremitting efforts, the company eventually won the "international outstanding organization award".


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