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Passion July, feather you share

Passion July, feather you share

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  In order to enrich cultural life of staffs, enhance mutual understanding and exchange between colleagues, virtuarch in July 31st held international badminton competition, the company staff of the various departments to actively participate in the show, indomitable spirit in the game.

  The game is divided into men's singles, women's singles, three doubles, 9 points, three innings two match with. The match began to tense stage, employees "Gexianshentong, The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea," everyone took special skills, a showdown. In the competition, the contestants all play the tenacious fighting spirit, will not admit defeat until the last moment. Some colleagues know it is a professional player, playing not only fast, but also very particular about strategy. Some colleagues level equally, the score is very tight. On the field playing field under the stirring fully and delightfully. In the end, various competitions are chosen. At the end of the game, the Department Manager presented the winner with a prize.

  Through this competition, not only to show the positive spirit of employees, and strengthen the cohesion of the company, but also let new workers into the German family to build a better family, so that each other closer.