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Success in First Floor Concrete Casting by Aluminum Form Work System in Algeria

Success in First Floor Concrete Casting by Aluminum Form Work System in Algeria

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    On October 2017, the new project - 1272 / 10000 sets residence building, located at the town of DOUIRA, Algiers - capital city of Algeria and developed by the Algeria Residence department were officially entered into effect. The contract valueis about Two Hundred Thirteen Million, Six Hundred Thousand RMB with 40 No.s buildings, including 19 No.s of R + 5 type,17 No.s of R + 9 type and 4 No.s of T + 9 type.The construction duration is expected to be within 30 months for the areas of 140,000m2.

    Aluminum form work system is adopted in this project which is the first aluminum form work system project among Dejian International Co. Construction career.As a brand new construction workmanship, aluminum formwork system is having massive differences from traditional woodenform work in which it makes a huge challenge for us who have never worked with this new technology.Meanwhile, we are facing the difficulties on frequent change of drawings and insufficient number of labors. Nevertheless, through working overtimes and big efforts from all Dejian Staffs in Algeria to overcome plenty of difficulties, it finally ends up with a successful concrete casting.

      Although concrete casting has been done for one floor only, it is of great significance. It fills in the blank of Dejian International Co. in the field of aluminum form work systemand accumulates valuable construction experience in the future aluminum form work projects.So far, as the rainy season was already passed, all the staffsof project department will with more enthusiasmdevote themselves to the coming works.