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Address: 23 floor, Hawaii complex building, 1515 Changhe Avenue, Dezhou Economic Development Zone, Shandong.
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Social Responsibility

Walk With Love And Warm Local|Dejian International Overseas Branches Carry Out Construction Assistance And Donation Activities
Give Thumbs Up|Tanzania Branch was Praised for Its Public Donation
Based on Local and Giving Back to Local|Romania Branch Donated to Local Primary Schools, and Actively Performed Social Responsibilities  
FulfillingSocial Responsibility, With the Public Benefit-Shandong Dejian Group Co., Zambia Ltd made Donation to The Fountain Hope Orphanage
Perform Social Responsibility to Provide Help for Local Public Welfare
KindnessIs on the Road, Keep Moving forward|Dejian International Zambia Engineering Company donates to the Munali community
Contribute to the Torch Relay ---Tanzania Project Department Renovates the Road of Torch Relay
Start from Our Side, Start from Trifles
The Donation with Loving-heart Never Stopped
Carry love through to the end
Fulfill social responsibility, highlighting the construction of love
Sultan engineering company for local orphans love
Love water
Angola engineering company held a love donation activities
Dejian Group Sultan company to carry out activities to send warmth to orphans in Sultan
Love pass
Strengthen their own development, do not forget to give back to society
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