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Warmth from Mayflower Thanks Mother's Day

Warmth from Mayflower Thanks Mother's Day

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    Mother hands line, wandering clothing’,mother’s day is coming with movement and tender feelings. Entrustment of mum has accompanied with us at nights we studied ,as well as our life-long journey.No matter how great achievement and performance we have made,we are still  kid in mother’s eyes,whatever we did can not bracket how much mothers love us.

    Staff of Shandong Dejian International Co., Ltdl spend years abroad that they seldom accompany with parents,so we have asked for the information of our most beautiful mothers half month ago,and we have prepared greeting cards as well as flowers booked.As soon as flowers and cards arrived Dezhou,we will send them both from Dezhou to parents,with great honor to them for raising up such splendid children,as well as their support to our company as always!As staff living in Dezhou,we will hand over the flower to their mothers to express our thanks for your yearly paying out!