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Happiness is like flowers——

Happiness is like flowers——

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      In this flowery and grassy early summer season, we ushered in the Children's Day,a international festival belong to children. In order to give the children of the staff a happy and meaningful festival, SDDJ International Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd organized a parent-child flower arrangement.

     On the morning of 26thMay , 14 groups of families gathered in Room 2411 of the Oriental Hawaii Complex. The flowers were fragrant and the children were lively and lovely. The parents worked with the children. After an hour of hard work under the guidance of the flower arrangement teacher,  the flower arrangement was successfully completed.After the flower arrangement, the company prepared surprise for the children, and played the “Children’s Day” blessing video recorded by theirfathers working overseas. When the children saw their dad appear on the big screen, they proudly and loudly shouted. Shouting "This is my father!" so that the family members of the staff present are all moving.

     The two-hour activity was completed with a full stop, the children became good friends, and the family members thanked the company. As a company that develops its business in overseas markets, we are striving to fulfill our mission, not only to fulfill the mission of the shareholding company to become bigger and stronger, but also to provide better living and welfare for staffs and their families and more. This is also one of our missions.