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Brief talk on retention and management of business personnel

Brief talk on retention and management of business personnel

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Nowadays the competition of company is actually competition of talents.As for company,talents are of vital importance.And for engineering industry,especially the period that global projects rise sharply,international talents especially international business people,and the lack of such talents is increasing ,which becomes the choke point of international projects.

Dejian international corporation is the trailblazers to broaden the oversea market for more than 10 years,we all know the importance of business talents.In recent years,Dejian international corporation is growing up quickly,we find that if we want to broaden oversea market, business is indispensable.      As a result,how the corporation manages and remain the staff is important.

  We have managed the business staff for years,hence,we find that commercial personnel leaves more than other positions,which the reason is as follow:firstly,someone can not accept the corporate culture,which lead him lost,secondly,someone can not see their future clearly,thirdly,the family stuff,which makes them can not work abroad yearly.Most of them leave because they can not agree with the corporate culture and have no definition of the future work.Therefore,it is a systematic programme to attract and retain great business staff,which means not only in some aspects but need a all-round project.Then,accord to the recent situation of projects abroad,we have several conclusions as follow.

一. the plan of retaining business staff

(一)Make reasonable value locating

 We have to realize that it is a double-win between company and oversea commercial staff,we have to respect and believe each other.When we realize the importance of people ,and admit their values which means we have give up focusing on work only, the former way of management,only we do like this can we definitely attract and retain first-class commercial staff.

(二)Provide enough space for them to evolution

 With the development of society and culture,salary is not the only way to arouse the enthusiasm of business personnel to work,how the company will provide the chance to make progress and a appropriate environment to study is the key to retain talents.We should pay more attention to the development of career on the basis our own situation,make specific plan and measurement,which makes our staff feel confident and hopeful.

(三)Establish dynamic performance assessment measure

 Most staff hope to fully show their ability,as well as the adoption of company,so they can feel sense of achievement and satisfied.Therefore,we need to establish a whole evaluation mode,in this way,we can arouse the enthusiasm of business personnel.

(四)Cultivate the unique corporate culture

 Corporate culture plays an important role at the management of corporation.Experiences from home and abroad shows that successful company usually have great corporate culture,which can unify the value conception of staff,this will form strong cohesion inside the corporation,and great encouragement within staff.

二、The Innovative Measures of Managing Business People

(一)Raising Salary and Adjusting Cash Measure

According to the official documents (2017) of < Implementation Plan of Dejian International on Building Innovative Enterprises>, Dejian International drafted <Methods of Business People Cash Spot Exchange Project> to adjust the salary of relevant requirement of business people, and it will be implemented on July 1, 2018. We are trying to abandon the original annual performance appraisal method for business people and implement the real-time method as the contract value.

(二)Career Growth and Development Space

Our Company had a Topic Discussion about arranging home position and development issues, which are business people concerned about, and ensured on developing channels of business people backing home. General Position: staff of operating, trading, labor service, administration and Beijing office and so on; Middle Position: Department Manager and Head of overseas agency or Assistant Manager of operating, HR, trading etc.; Senior Position: Vice President or above. As the overseas market of Dejian International is growing, our company will provide more different positions of business people, so that they don’t need to worry about the future position while they back to home company after the date of overseas work are expired.

As the overseas business of Dejian international  is continues to grow bigger, the enablement of the number of excellent business people will come with the trend.Under the continuous development, Dejian International will continue to innovate the system of selecting, employing and retaining, which are all under the the guidance of Dejian Holdings with the principle of "providing growth soil, sharing business results and relieving worries".