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Study on Board Directors’ Work Report and Urge Annual Objectives to Be fully Completed in 2019

Study on Board Directors’ Work Report and Urge Annual Objectives to Be fully Completed in 2019

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   After the completion of Shareholders & Employee Representatives' Congress in 2019, Shandong DeJian International Economic & Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd (hereinafter called DeJian International) issued a notice on the comprehensive study in addition to implementation of the spirit of the Board Directors’ Work Report stated above. All domestic departments, engineering branches as well as project departments of DeJian International have mobilized learning activities at all levels for further deployment.

    In the afternoon of 25th Feb. 2019, DeJian International held a meeting to study the Work Report. The general manager Mr. Li Ruiguo, having been travelled to Trinidad &Tobago for project inspection before this meeting, asked all staff to study the Report and implement the activities seriously, and to publicize Board Directors’ annual work arrangements to all management personnel with full knowledge on the targets in the right direction. The meeting was presided over by deputy general manager Mr. Xu Hongfeng. More than 40 people from domestic departments and project departments attended the meeting. The overseas branches have carried out publicity activities that combine collective, team or independent learning according to local conditions.

    The "Report of Shareholders & Employee Representatives' Congress" was first read out at the meeting, after which Deputy General Manager Mr. Huang Meng and Chief Financial Officer Mr. Li Huaiwu analyzed their own understanding of the Report in respective professional opinion combined with their work practice. Lastly, Mr. Xu Hongfeng summarized the Work Report saying that, every time he reads the Report, it makes people feel excited. He said, firstly the continuous development and progress of DeJian makes us proud to be the company member. Secondly, the Board Directors assigned great task to DeJian International in 2019, facing with which how to ensure the smooth completion of various indicators for us is an important issue. The key is to turn necessary stress into motivation, to combine theory with practice. Mr. Xu Hongfeng believes that all the management personnel of DeJian International will perform their duties hard to meet requirements and complete the professional targets. The wisdom and power from each and every DeJian member will come to be great collective strength to ensure the smooth development of overseas markets.

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↑ Algeria

↑ South Sudan

↑ Tanzania

↑ Zimbabwe


  Through this study on the Work Report, all management personnel of DeJian International understand our company development status, which will help us to make concerted efforts with strong enthusiasm to meet challenges in 2019.