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Dejian International Organizes and Conducts a Series of Training Activities on “Enhance Employee Professionalism, Improve Management to high efficiency”

Dejian International Organizes and Conducts a Series of Training Activities on “Enhance Employee Professionalism, Improve Management to high efficiency”

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    As the saying goes, a year's plan starts with spring. As all flowers bloom during the warm spring, it is right good for us to raise our spirits, strengthen internal strength, and to improve our quality. As a matter of fact, Dejian International has always been paying great attention to the cultivation and exaltation of employee's character in the meantime. Hence a series of time-sharing district training activities for various position ranks are conducted during April 17th to 22nd 2019 with over 150 attendances at home and abroad in order to enhance employee professionalism, and improve management to high efficiency. These activities are developed in form of collective video training.

   All management personnel at home and abroad preliminarily participated in the training “Being Most Valuable Employees”, which is a spiritual feast and the strongest storm in mind. The keynote speaker, Professor Dong Quan, is a well-known management scientist, a senior human resources expert, a senior researcher at the Institute of Contemporary Enterprise Culture at Peking University, and a Distinguished Professor at Tsinghua University. Professor Dong Quan gives an in-depth and detailed explanation on what is the most valuable employee, why they can become the most valuable employees and how to become the most valuable employees. Professor Dong Quan tells us that, people with active working attitude, proactive communication work habits, thorough execution, stronger sense of responsibility, high stability, high intelligence and emotional intelligence, are the most valuable employees; and that, the people with definite goals, a strong sense of responsibility, full self-esteem and a spirit of perseverance could become the most valuable employees; and tells us that, the most important thing is to share the fate with the company, to be willing to take on more responsibilities, to be persistent, and to have a goal of growth, all of above which with great execution, attention to detail and teamwork spirit would make a more valuable employee. In his explanation, Professor Dong Quan introduces us various cases with colorful quotes making the whole training full of vitality and vigor. Every attendance is impressed by Professor Dong Quan’s humor and wisdom, and gets more understanding on how to be a most valuable employee and how to realize personal value.

↑ All domestic managers participate in the training

↑ Managers of zambian engineering companies participated in the training

↑ Management personnel of Sudan engineering company participated in the training

↑ Management personnel of Algerian engineering company participated in the training

↑  Management personnel of Southsudan engineering company participated in the training

↑  Management personnel of Angola engineering company participated in the training

 Managers of the tanzanian project department participate in the training

   Department managers and above, heads of overseas institutions, and domestic project managers participated in the training of “Middle-level Supervisors to Improve Leadership Effectiveness”. The keynote speaker, Professor Liu Jian, is the chief consultant of the Leadership Network, the earliest leadership training instructor in China, the founder of the leadership “Five-segment Training System”, the researcher of the Public Economic Management Research Center of Peking University, and Invited professors well-known in colleges and universities, like Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Jiaotong University etc., further has been praised by many media as the “Godfather” in Chinese Leadership Training. Professor Liu Jian explains the leadership skills of middle management and above in five aspects with profundity and an easy-to-understand approach: the butterfly effect of the leader, the thinking mode of the leader, the horizon of the leader, how the middle-level leader cultivates high-efficiency professional productivity, and the leadership effectiveness strategy. The company's middle managers and above enjoy the great benefit from his training program.

↑ Domestic middle level and above management personnel to participate in the training

    The poet Wang Guozhen wrote in his meaningful poem, "For the longed goal, I shall go despite wind and rain". Likewise, as we have been with Dejian International, we must persist and not fear the wind and rain! I hope that all employees will further consolidate their theoretical knowledge and transform them into real work force, which will help the future development of Dejian International!