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Dejian International Organized “Image Carrying Love” -Parent and Children Movie Watching Activity

Dejian International Organized “Image Carrying Love” -Parent and Children Movie Watching Activity

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   The early summer is fresh and clear, the flower and grass is flourishing.On the occasion of the 69th"June 1st" International Children's Day, in order to let the children have a happy and meaningful festival, on the afternoon of 26thMay , more than 60 people from Dejian Internationaland Children came to Dezhou Wanda Cinema for the "Image Carrying Love"movie watching activity.

   First of all, everyone took a group photo at the entrance of the cinema, and was full of youthful and happy scenes. Later, everyone lined up to receive popcorn and drinks in the form of a movie ticket. The innocent and lovely smile of the children made the air filled with happiness.As the lights turned off, the prelude of the film was ringing, and in the cheers of the children, "Detective Pikachu" began to show.The children sometimes smile for Pikachu's cute, sometimes touching the tears of the father and son between the male protagonist and the father, and sometimes encourage the hero and Pikachu to persevere in the spirit of exploring the truth. They sometimes cheering and sometimes quiet focusing, sometimes burying his head in the arms of their parents, the whole process of the film watchingis warm and happy.



  The film watching event provided an excellent parent-child platform for the company's parents, strengthening parent-child interaction and bringing them closer to their children. The launch of this event not only reflects the company's care for employees, but also reflects the company's humanized management.