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Fun Sports Stylewith Types of Elegant Demeanor in Sudan

Fun Sports Stylewith Types of Elegant Demeanor in Sudan

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    In order to advocate healthy sports lifestyle and enrich the spare time life of the staff, recently, Sudan engineering company held a unique and interesting sports meeting.

    This interesting sports meeting has obtained the general staff’s participation enthusiastically.A total of 12 employees participated in five events, such as two-point shooting, water passing from paper cup to mouth, passing luck ballthrough back-to-back, two-foot balloon, kangaroo jump and so on.The fun games according to the draw group, finally divided into Wang Haijun led by the “plum blossom team” and Feng Xianglin led by the “red peach team”.




    In the game, all the team members are ready to work hard, the staff who participate in the two-point shooting are eager to try, at that time, the atmosphere is quite active.But the people who did not throw in just shake hands to comfort each other with painful sigh, make it over and over again, “plum blossom team”made this round temporarily leading; the activity of passing water in a paper cupheld when the whole atmosphere was ignited. To ensure that more water is collected, competitors carefully cooperate with their teammates. Because the action is too intimate,both people are usually being laughter when they are eye to eye, and then the water sprinkled on the ground, all the teammates blame each other. When the time came, everyone gathered around to see the water level, after carefully comparing, theplum blossom team won the game; the event of passing luck ball through back-to-backmade the scene very tense atmosphere. After the two people struggled to reach the finish line, one needed to use all his strength to pop the balloon, while the other needed to go back to the original point and blow the balloon. The red peach teamfinally won their long - awaited victory.The competition methodically continues to carry on, even the sun is like fire, the contestant already sweating, all contestant show their competition friendship, the competition united, and the good spirit outlook, finally the plum blossom team obtains this interesting sports meeting champion.
    After the match, the two teams got different rewards, and then all the managements enjoyed the hot pot together with freelytalking freely, the exhaustion of a week’s work just disappears.