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To Father

To Father

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Beside the wheat filed and rice field

Goshawk flies over the clear sky

Father’s curved sickle is like laughing

Sweat drops and brings a busy Autumn

I said that I am going to the far side of the mountain.
Father said, let's go!


There is no light in the city

People hold their breath, no clues.

The darkness is waiting for the opportunities.

Reading in night and no lights accompanying

I stand on the height but can't see the whole picture.

I said the city is too big to find the direction.
Father said man, come on!


Africa, exotic country, bright sun.
The showers washed the long length of the Nile

Black, bustling street, flowing life

 wearing trousers, leather shoes and summer clothes.

Like a warrior chasing a red-billed gull

Day is no longer than dark night

I said that I miss home.
Father saidchild, come back!


I walked through thousands of miles
saw everything in the world.

You are still in that place
full of white hair and moves step by step.

Facing the sun

I salvaged the past memory from the time river.


 I became you.


Perhaps, at this moment, when you are looking at this poem, maybe you are under the scorching sun in South Sudan,in the heat of the Sudan, in the dusty sky of Tanzania, you are sweating in Zambia, down-to-earth in Zimbabwe, working hard in Angola or enjoying works in Algiers... when you are looking at this poem,you are looking forward to the company holiday, looking forward to the return of the father or son working in Africa.As a DeJianstaff, we have swayed the youth for the development of the company. It is also a person who is a Dejianstaff. We are involuntarily, and we have to go to Africa to give our families a better life. Since then, we cannot be filial as a child. As a father, we can't always accompany our children. We are sometimes confused, but we are very firm in a blink of an eye.


Once upon a time, we all had photo albums with our father. Inadvertently seeing the time points recorded above, it would always be a big surprise, as if blasting your memory. The timeis not a thief, he did not steal anything, but we forget too fast. I read the heart of the Xijiang River, and there is no break in the day and night. The feelings of Missing my love is like the water of the Xijiang River. It flows to east all day long and never stops.


Once upon a time, we were too embarrassed and ashamed to express. I love you, hided in my heart, but it is difficult to climb a man's throat. I love you, in the ends of the earth, but can not escape the diameter of the father's love.


Once upon a time, we thought that the love between family member does not need to be said clearly. Love will not change slightly because of the form, yeah! A deep love, even more so. But now I am willing to say my deep love like coffee, because I am afraid of my regret of “son to raise and close not to stay”, because I am afraid that my father does not know how deep my love is.


What people like talking is that everything is best, and everything is perfect. But in this world, there has never been the best, only the most suitable. Such as clouds and the sky, such as the breeze and the grass; such as you in my eyes, and me in your eyes. On the occasion of Father's Day, many overseas employees and domestic personnel of Dejian International presented their blessings and words to their fatherthrough photosand messages.

Dejian International/Wang Qian