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Internal and external linkage, multi-pronged measures, Working together to create a safe production month

Internal and external linkage, multi-pronged measures, Working together to create a safe production month

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In June, in response to the national and group company's safe production month, "anti-risk, hidden dangers, and accidents". According to the actual situation, Dejian International CO.,comprehensively organized the overseas institutions and the domestic project department, and launched the safety production month activities in a phased, sub-targeted and divided manner at home and abroad, and achieved good results.







South Sudan

We will sort out the safety management system and strengthen the responsibility for safety production.Analyze and improve the safety production management system for each foreign institution and project department. Various overseas institutions and project departments have conducted training in production safety, production mobilization and safety education, which has improved the safety of all employees and created a safe production atmosphere. In addition, the safety knowledge of foreign employees in English, French, Arabic and Portuguese speaking countries was targeted. It has created a responsibility for safe production, everyone is safe, and safety is for everyone's strong atmosphere.





Domestic projects

Dejian International follows the provisions of the company's dual control system to conduct comprehensive risk identification, effectively eliminate hidden dangers and control the occurrence of security incidents. Through fire emergency drills, improve the emergency response capability of employees in the event of a safety accident, and summarize and further improve the safety emergency plan according to the drill. "Safety responsibility, heavier than Mount Tai", safe production is not only to be on the lips, but also in mind.


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