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Set Sail and Forge Ahead-Dejian International2019 New Staff Induction Meeting

Set Sail and Forge Ahead-Dejian International2019 New Staff Induction Meeting

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In baking July, the cicadassing loudlyoutside, the lotus blossom bathing in sunshine. In this gorgeous and colorful graduation season, the students who are in their prime left the tower of ivory and started a new journey in the workplace.In order to facilitate the new staffs in 2019 to integrate into the company as soon as possible,  cultivate and establish a sense of trust and belonging, mobilize the enthusiasm and fighting spirit of new staffs to help them develop faster. On July 27th, Dejian International carefully prepared a rich induction meeting for the 12 new staffs.

On the morning of the 27th, the new staff induction training was held in the No.2311 conference room of Dejian International. There are two main aspects of the training: International Business Standardization Integrated Management Manual and related knowledge of Project Management. Du Juan, Director of the General Office, explained the various aspects related to staffs, such as salary system, vacation system and assessment system, so that new staffs had a comprehensive understanding of the company system as a whole. Wang Tongshi, the manager of thedepartment of Project Management , gave a more detailed explanation about the understandingprojects in overseas, engineering construction process and safety, civilization standardization requirements, so that new staffs had a more clear understanding of the company's development. The new staff induction training is like a window, which is an important channel for quickly understanding the company and integrating into the company.


On the afternoon of the 27th, under the leadership of the old staffs, the new staffs visited the Besten Winery, various departments, exhibition rooms, etc. They were proud of the company's development process and achievements, and their faces were full of confident smiles.


A formal welcome meeting was then held in the No.2411 conference room. The welcome meeting was hosted by Xu Hongfeng, Deputy General Manager of Dejian International. A total of 13 middle-level and above management personnel and tutors participated.

The welcome meetingwas divided into four parts: self-introduction, tutor-students ceremony, new staff representative and tutor representative speech and General Manager's speech. The whole process was easy and pleasant, with harmonious atmosphere.

At the meeting, Li Ruiguo, General Manager of Dejian International, put forward five points: First, the company's working atmosphere is simple and pure, and hoped that the new staffs will work hard and be positive; Second, they must lay a solid foundation for their work, be willing to work hard, and love their jobs and pay attention tothe stability of career development; Third, continuous learningthe relevant key knowledge of the industry,try to pass the first-level construction engineer and other high-gold gold certificate to enhance their own strength; Fourth, the environment and conditions of Overseas Branches of Dejian Internationalhas been significantly improved, but overall it is still difficult. I hope that everyone will be prepared to endure hardships and be able to withstand loneliness in order to higher achievement. Fifth, new staffs must seize all opportunities to learn from the tutors. The tutors should actively teach the experience to new staffs and take the initiative to care for the staffs’life and thoughts.

Through the new staff induction meeting, new staffs will quickly adjust their pace and rhythm, complete the transition from school to company, be down-to-earth in their own positions, be proactive, follow the pace of the company's development, work together, set sail and forge ahead. Realize their own life value earlier on the big stage of Dejian.


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