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Practice the Core Value System and Focus on High Quality Development-Dejian International Study the Spirit of Speech of Mr.Jin Haiyang

Practice the Core Value System and Focus on High Quality Development-Dejian International Study the Spirit of Speech of Mr.Jin Haiyang

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After the Group's mid-year summary meeting in 2019, Dejian International immediately issued a notice on comprehensively studying and practicing the speech of the Mr. Jin Haiyang-Chairman of the Board at the mid-year summary meeting. All departments, branch companies and project departments attached great importance to it and acted swiftly, which have been deployed and implemented step by step and have started to mobilizeand learn.

On the morning of 3rd August , Dejian International carried out a full-member learning activity to organize and convey the spirit of the important speech of Mr. Jin-the Chairman of the Board in the mid-year report. The meeting was hosted by Mr. Li Ruiguo, the General Manager of Dejian International. The management personnel of various departments and domestic project managers, around 30 people attended the meeting. Every overseas institutions actively carried out learning activities in various forms in accordance with their actual conditions. They earnestly studied, profoundly understood and implemented the spirit of the work report of Chairman of Board, and raised the craze for studying the mid-year meeting report of the Chairman of Board.




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Mr. Li Ruiguo pointed out at the meeting that Mr. Jin the Chairman of the Board held an important speech at the mid-year summary meeting in 2019. Starting from the overall situation of the Group's development,made a request and deployed how to promote the development of the reform and innovation of the Dejian to a higher level and truly realize the high quality of the company. In light of the actual development of Dejian International itself, Mr. Li Ruiguo emphasized the following six points: First, we must unswervingly continue to implement the “Going out” strategy. As an important implementation body of the Group's “Going out”strategy, Dejian International has no hesitation, and continue to develop the overseas markets with calmness. Second, regarding how to implement the “Going out”strategy, we should pay attention to the development of four aspects: the Cash-Liquidation projects and Financing projects shall be complemented each other; Give play to the advantages of company, and strengthen the alliance with central enterprises; make investment drives engineering contracting. In addition, the domestic field has great potential for international trade and labor export, and it is necessary to actively explore overseas markets. Third, focus on high quality development. At present, most of the projects we undertake overseas are ordinary projects without high levy methodology. Which has limited impact on corporate brand influence. We must catch the trend of “Going out”strategy and keep improving the main business while expanding the business field with higher added value. Make the "Going out" to the extreme, to make the Group's fist products. Fourth, Strive to build a core value system with the characteristics of Dejian. We must emphasize the virtues, credit, and actively fulfill social responsibilities in accordance with the law, and dedicated to the Dejian mission “creating value for customers, creating opportunities for staffs, creating wealth for shareholders, and creating prosperity for society”. Fifth,optimize the salary assessment system and distribution mechanism. The next step is to consider the staffs' longing for a better life as part of the company culture. Adjust the assessment system and the distribution mechanism more rationally and scientifically. Staffs must have a sense of participation, a sense of acquisition and a sense of superiority, and retain the best talents with the most humanized management. Sixth, improve and optimize the company's management system and learn to manage itself: 1. Encourage individuals to learn continuously; 2. Establish a scientific decision-making mechanism for the leaderships and avoid individual decision-making; 3. Departments should have a sense of service and innovation, and play a good role of leader; 4. Make report as a duty, to create a system of report.

Everyone has a deeper understanding of the speech of Chairman of Board at the mid-year summary meeting by this study, which also shows a clearer plan and understanding of the direction and focus of the works in the second half of this year.


Dejian International/Wang Qian