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Love warm Angola /Angola Engineering Company donates relief supplies to the local people

Love warm Angola /Angola Engineering Company donates relief supplies to the local people

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In recent months, severe drought has occurred in the southern areas of Lakunene and Namibe in Angola, which has resulted in large-scale livestock deaths and food production reduction, directly affected the normal life and income of local people.

"Drought is merciless, but human is merciful." In the face of the disaster, Dejian International Angola Engineering Company is concerned about the local people, actively donated the urgent need of materials in disaster areas such as rice and drinking water, helped the victims to overcome the difficult period as soon as possible and return to normal life as quick as possible.

On the afternoon of August 31, Angola Engineering Company held a donation ceremony in the province of Bie and handed over relief supplies on site, attended by the deputy governor of Bie, the general manager of Angola Engineering Company Yang Guozhi and the management personnel. Yang Guozhi said: Since its entry into the Angolan market for more than ten years, Dejian has been adhering to the principle of “based on the local and benefiting the locality”, actively fulfilling its social responsibilities and contributing its own strength to building a better Angola. ”

The donation activity for the victims of the disaster areas in southern Angola is a reflection of Dejian International who actively fulfilled social responsibility in overseas markets. We expect that the people in the disaster areas will be relieved of the difficulties caused by the drought and return to normal life a as soon as possible through our humble efforts.

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