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Power Supply project at Lusaka Airport in Zambia Has Started Smoothly

Power Supply project at Lusaka Airport in Zambia Has Started Smoothly

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On the morning of August 29 local time, the sun was shining and the wind was blowing gently.The opening ceremony of the Electricity Supply Project at Kenneth KaundaInternational Airport in Zambia was held at the project site near the airport.Ye Ji, General Manager of Jiangxi International Zambia Co., Zambia LTD, Han Haiwei, Deputy General Manager of Shandong TaikaiPower Engineering Co., LTD and Wang Hongbing, Director General of Shandong Dejian Group Co., Zambia LTDang other related personnel attended the ceremony.

The construction scale of the project of substation and overhead transmission line of Kenneth KaundaInternational Airport in Lusaka, Zambia is one 132/11kv new substation, one132kV extended substation and one 11kV new switch station and about 7.5km overhead transmission line between stations.The Employerof this project is Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Zambia, and the General Contractor is China Jiangxi International Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., LTD. Shandong TaikaiPowerEngineering Co., Ltd is responsible for the installation of substations and transmission lines, and Shandong DejianGroupCo., Zambia Ltd is responsible for the civil engineering of substations and overhead transmission lines.Ye Ji first congratulated the smooth start of the project, and then hoped to cooperate sincerely with TaikaiPowerEngineering Co., Ltd andShandong DejianGroupCo., Zambia Ltd to forge ahead and complete the substation and transmission line projects as scheduled according to the requirements of the contract.TaikaiPowerEngineering Co., Ltd and Shandong DejianGroupCo., Zambia Ltd both said that they would live up to the Employer’s expectations, scientifically organize, meticulously construct, unite and cooperate, and ensure quality, timely, safe, civilized and efficient construction of the project.

When completed, the project will become a beautiful name card of Lusaka city construction in Zambia, DejianInternational will adhere to the quality concept of “product is quality is life” and complete the civil construction task of the whole project.


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