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President of Standard Chartered Bank's East Africa Region Visited Dejian International

President of Standard Chartered Bank's East Africa Region Visited Dejian International

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On 4th, September, Mr. Anuji Mediterrata, President of Standard Chartered Bank's East Africa Region, and Ms. Zhan Jiayu, Director of Standard Chartered Bank Africa Business, visited the Dejian International. In the No. 2311 conference room of the Dejian Holding Tower, the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on the future cooperation prospects. Mr. Zhou Zhenqi, General Manager of Dejian Holdings Co., Ltd., Mr. Huang Meng, Deputy General Manager of Dejian International, and Mr. Li Huaiwu, CFO, and relevant department Managers attended the exchanges.

Mr. Zhou Zhenqi extended a warm welcome to Mr. Anuji Mediterrata and Ms. Zhan Jiayu, then introduced the business operation and development of Shandong Dejian Group exhaustively, hoping to further communication with Standard Chartered Bank to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. “Furthermore, we also hope to obtain more support and guarantee for the development of Shandong Dejian's overseas market through cooperation with Standard Chartered Bank.”

By sharing the promotional film of the Shandong Dejian Group, introduce the overall strength of Dejian's history and performance to Standard Chartered Bank.

Mr. Anuji Mediterrata said,“i am very grateful to the hospitality of Shandong Dejian  and look forward to the future cooperation. I hope that both sides can strengthen trust on the basis of in-depth understanding. Mr. Anuji Mediterrata further stated that Dejian is a company that is going international, while Standard Chartered Bank is also a leading international bank. Standard Chartered Bank has a long history and its business outlets in China have covered nearly 30 coastal and inland cities, which fully demonstrates our emphasis on the Chinese market.”

Mr. Anuji Mediterrata also said, “we have a very strong presence in Africa, and we have been working hard to promote the rapid development of Chinese companies in the international market. At the same time, we provide assistance to companies that provide risks prevention and tax issues, and provide the greatest possible risk prevention and control for enterprises. The African market is a very complex market. I hope that your Group cooperation with Standard Chartered will provide your company with a more stable development path.” During the exchanges, the two sides also conducted in-depth communication on the projects currently under Dejian operation, and both sides are full of expectation for future cooperation.

After the symposium, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dejian Holdings, Mr. Jin Haiyang met Standard Chartered Bank delegation. Both parties expressed their great expectation for future cooperation and hoped to promote the cooperation project as soon as possible.

Mr. Jin Haiyang and Mr. Anuji Mediterrata are happy to present gifts to each other and express their sincere cooperation desire in the future.

With the continuous expansion of the scope of the overseas business of Dejian International and the breadth of the market, Shandong Dejian hope to seek a broader form of cooperation to provide a guarantee for the deepening and strengthening of the overseas business of Dejian.