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Well-matched Competitor Enjoy the Fun from the Match Dejian International Organized Interesting Chess Competition Activities

Well-matched Competitor Enjoy the Fun from the Match Dejian International Organized Interesting Chess Competition Activities

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Well-matched competitors will find who is winner at this moment. In order to further enrich the staff's cultural life and create a happy and harmonious corporate culture atmosphere, make everyone relax from their tension and enhance communication among colleagues after busy work. In the afternoon of September 29th, Dejian international vigorously organized a game of chess in the second floor staff dining hall of the holding building.

This competition is based on the principle of "Friendship First, Competition Second and skill learning". There are three kinds of competitions: Gobang, Chinese checkers and flying Chess. In order to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the event, participants are divided into groups by drawing lots.  Forming teams randomlyto conduct the competition in an orderly manner according to the rules of the competition. In addition, the competition has been highly valued and actively participated by various departments. Many employees signed up to participate in 2 or even 3 matches, and the atmosphere was very happy

After the start of the competition, each player was fully focused, sometimes frowning, sometimes smiling and compete with wisdom. The referees on the spot were also responsible for and answered questions for everyone. Look at the scene of Gobang, everyone seems to be in a peace mood, but in fact the fighting was hidden inside; Watching the game of checkers, there is no speech between the opponents but only the sound of chess;In the flying chess scene, everyone laughed all time and kept enjoying the fun brought by the game. The climax of the game on the spot is the final Championship and Runner-up for Gobang. At this time, the competitors not only compete with wisdom, but also with the agility of their skills. At this time, The enthusiasm for participation reached the highest point at this time.

After a fierce competition in the afternoon, the competitions were successfully completed. After the game, the deputy general manager Xu Hongfeng and the department manager awarded the winners with generous prizes.

This competition not only enriched the spare time life of employees, improved chess skills, but also enhanced the feelings among colleagues, stimulated the enthusiasm of employees, and laid a good foundation for the smooth development of the company's future production and operation work.


Dejian International/By Wang Qian