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Dejian International Carries out‘New ConceptualTime Management’Training Activity

Dejian International Carries out‘New ConceptualTime Management’Training Activity

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  In order to help employees improve their work productivity and manage timeeffectively & scientifically, on November15th, 2019 Dejian International held, in different time zones and locations, a training activity with the theme of ‘New ConceptualTime Management’ for more than 150 staffsin both China and abroad. The training spot is located at conference room, 23rdfloorof the Dejian Buildingand the training is taking place through video seeing.

   The training presenter - Mr. Wang Jingdong, is a former excellent lecturer of Microsoft Company and a practical enterprise management expert. Mr. Wang Jingdong gave a deep and detailed explanation in terms of origin of time pressure, PDCA time management method, four-quadrant work method, meeting communication improvement method and time trap eliminating of tasks. The core of such explanation is to tell us: not to be too tangled with time itself; it's more important to think about how to get the job done before time pressure comes.






   After the training, everyone actively and enthusiastically made speech and expressed their feelings &experience from this training:

   Mrs. Wang Shanshan considers that the SMART principle and the four-quadrant principle of time management are very important for custom declaration work, and can be linked to parenting;

   Mr. Shi Kaiyue believes that in the future work, people should scientifically &reasonably manage their works to prioritize things;

    Mr. Xu Mengmeng says that this training reminds her of the wordsin <The Analects of Confucius> - ‘The passage of time is just like the flow of water, which goes on day and night’. Something are reversible, while some things are not, such as time. From this point of view, to cherish time is to cherish life. In addition,the sense of time acceleration will bring us more and more pressure & anxiety where we should mitigate our pressure by using PDCA management method.

   Mr. Zhang Shengteng believes that fast and slow are converted under certain conditions. As a manager, frequent self-reflectioncan help us to find problems and manage the team better;

   Gong Zihao understands making notes is a good habit to be developedand can be applied in daily life. By doing this, people making less efforts but get more achievements.

   Other staffs have expressed like, people have acquired sense of helplessness and under the four-quadrants, we should focus on those matters which are important but not urgent, etc.

  Through this training, everyone has learned many leading edge methodsintime management filed, which not only opens up the views, but also plays a guiding role in scientifically managing our own time and improving work efficiency in the coming days.