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Forge ahead and set sail-Dejian International Ecnomic and Technical coperation CO., LTD organized a special meeting to study, implement and implement the work report of the board of directors

Forge ahead and set sail-Dejian International Ecnomic and Technical coperation CO., LTD organized a special meeting to study, implement and implement the work report of the board of directors

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On the afternoon of March 7, Dejian International organized a special meeting in the company's meeting room 2311 to study, carry out and implement the work reports of the Group board. Affected by the epidemic, the meeting appropriately controlled the amount of people. Only domestic company leader members and department managers participated in the meeting. The director of overseas institutions participated in the meeting online through video conferences. The meeting invited Dejian Holdings Director and Secretary of the Board Mr Wang Xinyong to comprehensively interpret the reports of the two-level board of directors, and General Manager  Mr Li Ruiguo chaired the meeting and delivered a speech.

At the meeting, Mr Wang Xinyong explained the work report of the Board of Directors in an easy-to-understand manner, focusing on the analysis of the work direction and goals in 2020. At the same time, according to the core spirit of the work report, put forward practical suggestions for the development of the international section and issues that need to be considered in the future.

Mr Li Ruiguo mentioned in his speech that the current complex international market environment is both an opportunity and a challenge for the future development of the company. In order to be able to benefit from and avoid harm in future work, turn crisis into opportunity and turn challenge into motivation. Seven requirements were put forward for various departments and overseas institutions: first, to take the plight as a test, to self-stress, to continuously improve the effectiveness of work with sincere efforts, unremitting efforts and solid actions; and second, to have a broad vision and policies Capture the acuity, master the policy environment of the country where you are, improve the ability to use resources, learn to control the project, and constantly establish strategic thinking; the third is to strengthen the system construction, so that management has rules to follow, rules to rely on, and establish a bottom-line thinking; The fourth is reasonable control, based on capital, cost, production safety operation, and credit management, to do a good job of preventing and controlling major risks and creating a response mechanism; Fifth, unswervingly maintain the same thinking and action with the holding company in terms of values, strategic directions and major deployments, and improve their ability to recover. Sixth, stay focused, stay proud, and focus on enterprise development. seventh is to be always grateful and caring, have a sense of the big picture, and lead a good team.

Finally, the general manager Li Ruiguo emphasized that all departments, overseas institutions and project departments must sound the charge, and based on the protection of the epidemic, carry out different forms of learning, publicity and implementation, and make the cadres and employees' ideological understanding and actions It is unified to the spirit of the documents of the work reports of the two-level board of directors, detailing the work tasks and implementation measures of various departments and overseas institutions, clarifying the division of labor and implementing responsibilities to ensure that all tasks in 2020 are fully completed. All staff of company will work together in 2020 to achieve common goals and overcome difficulties. We will continue to work hard as fighters and set sail!



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