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Dejian International Successfully Concluded The "Hundred Days of Safety in Production" Event

Dejian International Successfully Concluded The "Hundred Days of Safety in Production" Event

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On February 26, the Dejian International New Year's "Hundred Days of Safety in Production" event was successfully concluded. The theme of this event is "Life is Supreme, Safety First", which includes mobilization and promotion, investigation of hidden dangers at the construction site, and holiday safety education.

According to the different national conditions of African countries, years of overseas construction management experience and summary of safety incident of related companies, Christmas, New Year, and Spring Festival are the frequent periods of production safety accidents. In order to prevent the occurrence of production safety accidents, each overseas company formulates an event plan based on local actual conditions, deploys and investigates potential hazards one by one, comprehensively implement from personnel safety education, safety hazards investigation at construction site, emergency excise, resident security, living area health, foreign personnel check and record, travel vehicle safety, staff health inspection, machinery and equipment maintenance. etc, to ensure the orderly operation of overseas production.


Publicity and education


Construction site protection


Emergency drills


Resident security


Vehicle troubleshooting


Overhaul of machinery and equipment

During the event, all overseas companies had no production safety accidents, which was inseparable from the full cooperation of overseas companies and relevant departments. The Engineering Management department will continue to deepen safety management and take “zero casualties” as a long-term work target. At the same time, it also hopes that this will be an opportunity for overseas companies to continue to perform well in safety production and effectively enhance the safety precaution awareness of the majority of overseas construction personnel.



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