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Popular Science | Tree Planting Day

Popular Science | Tree Planting Day

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A leaf’s growth and falling is a reincarnation. Every tree and bush has life. After a round of changes in the four seasons, we came to the prelude of spring. Today is a special festival in spring - Tree Planting Day. How much do you know about Tree Planting Day? Let's approach it and understand it.



The Origin of Tree Planting Day in China



Since ancient times, there has been a tradition of planting willows and trees in China, but tree planting has never been regarded as a festival. Until the Republic of China, Sun Yat-sen set up the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry when he was the interim president of the Republic of China, under which he set up the Department of Forestry, which was in charge of the national forestry administration. In November 1914, the first forest law in the modern history of China was promulgated. In 1915, at the initiative of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the Beiyang government officially ordered that the Qingming Festival every year should be a legal tree planting festival, and a tree planting ceremony would be held. On March 12, 1925, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen died. In 1928, the national government made March 12 into tree planting day in memory of his great achievements. In 1979, after the founding of new China, under the proposal of Deng Xiaoping, the Standing Committee of the Fifth National People's Congress decided to make March 12 as China's tree planting day.



The Origin of Tree Planting Day



In Chinese history, the earliest tree planting on the roadside was initiated by a man named Wei Xiaokuan from Shaanxi more than 1400 years ago. Since ancient times, an earthen platform has been set up at the roadside every other Huali on the official road as a mark to calculate the mileage of the road. After Wei Xiaokuan took office, he found that there were many shortcomings of the earthen platform. Exposing to the weather, it was easy to collapse, which not only increased the expenditure of the country, but also made the people suffer from labor. After investigation and understanding, he resolutely ordered all the official roads in Yongzhou to replace the earthen platform with a locust tree. In this way, it not only has the function of marking and taxing, but also can shield the pedestrians from wind and rain, and does not need to be repaired. Wei Xiaokuan's practice is undoubtedly a major measure to benefit Sangzi, lightening the burden of the people in his hometown and benefiting the country and the people.



Foreign Tree Planting Day



Tree Planting Day has a history of nearly 150 years since it was first held in the United States. After a long time of development and the active cooperation of the masses, tree planting Festival has a strong cultural heritage. According to the statistics of the United Nations, more than 50 countries have set up Tree Planting Day in the world. Due to the different national conditions and geographical locations of different countries, tree planting Festival has different names and times in different countries, such as Japan called "tree Festival" and "Green Week"; Israel called "New Year's day of trees"; Myanmar called "tree planting month"; Iceland called "student tree planting day"; India called "national tree planting day"; France called "national tree day"; Canada called "forest week""


In this special spring March, we sow hope and beauty. We are willing to receive heart health and happiness! We firmly believe that the saplings will become big trees, and it will be sunny after the rain. Let's wait for the moment when the epidemic situation is getting better and the mountains and rivers are well!



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