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Rising waves clapped you: welcome meeting of "New stars" held by Dejian International

Rising waves clapped you: welcome meeting of "New stars" held by Dejian International

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In June , enjoy talkingin the fragrance of flowers on campus

In July , waving goodbye to each other in the distant whistle of pigeons

In August , we set sail on the new battlefield of Dejian international

From green, simple, passion to growth, maturity, responsibility , this is a required course of life, youth to the left, time to the right , congratulations on you bravely embarked on the journey of transformation, faith in your heart, you can go far .

On August 10th, Dejian international held the 2020 "New stars" welcome meeting. Before the meeting, by means of business training, visiting various departments and exhibition halls, New stars had a deep understanding of the company's development, which provided an important channel for them to quickly understand the company and integrate into the company.

In order to fully invigorate the atmosphere and relieve the tension of new employees, this year's orientation meeting was held in the art filled tea bar of Dejian international.

Before the meeting, the company took personal images of new employees and some funny group photos full of youth.

Let's get to know the "Little Mengxing" of Dejian International.







At the meeting, members of the international company's team, some department managers, project managers and mentors jointly welcomed the arrival of new employees. "New stars" introduce themselves in turn, and their childish faces and confident expressions seem to bring us back to the beginning of our career. The team members shared their own growth experience for everyone, encouraged new employees to strengthen business learning, strive to bloom in their jobs, and do a good job in corporate culture inheritance.

Li Ruiguo, the General Manager, stressed that: the company attaches great importance to the training of new employees. The growth of young "rising waves" must be the sun of Dejian international in the future. Three messages are put forward for new employees: first, change their roles as soon as possible to meet the requirements of the company's development; second, to enhance the sense of urgency of learning, develop the habit of lifelong learning, and improve their comprehensive quality; third, to be down-to-earth and hard-working.

At the end of the welcome meeting, the new employees signed the mentoring agreement with the tutor and took a group photo as a souvenir.

From this moment on, you are really a member of the Dejian international family. A bright future is waiting for you to create!

Shine bright! Youth, flame which never forget to burn.

Roll over! Rising waves, spirit who never afraid the future.



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