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Dejian International: Children's Day Pottery DIY parent child activities, love the CPC patriotic activities

Dejian International: Children's Day Pottery DIY parent child activities, love the CPC patriotic activities

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On May 29, Dejian international held the clay DIY parent-child activity of "children's heart to the party, writing poems for clay" in the ceramic art studio on the second floor of Wanda golden street. The children and their parents experienced different times together and opened an interesting clay feast.

In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC and improve children's understanding of the CPC, clay sculpture is based on the elements of the Party. Under the guidance of the clay sculpture guider, big friends and children roll up their sleeves one after another according to the process of clay sculpture, actively try to cut, knead, knock and pinch clay sculpture, and roam in the ocean of clay sculpture. Children rely on their imagination, Each piece of thought-provoking works of art made an amazing appearance, and the whole activity site was full of relaxed and cheerful atmosphere.






With the company of big friends, you can also play with mud freely. Clay DIY allows big friends and children to witness children's exclusive fairy tale "imprint" in this warm company.















Look, a pair of delicate hands, focused and firm small eyes; One hand holding pen, one hand holding mud cake, one stroke, dedicated.

Human beings are born with a nature of being close to nature and soil. Every child is a "gifted artist" and has the "super ability" to turn ordinary people into magic. Children use their hands to endow this lifeless, moist mud with aura and imagination, and become a real work of art.

At the end of the activity, the company sent out carefully prepared books for children of different ages, such as "a big river", "plate of Chinese food" and "party history for teenagers". We hope that the children can learn cultural knowledge well, strive to grow up into excellent children with scholarly spirit and noble spirit, and become successors of the cause of the motherland construction.

Happy time flies. Through this activity, parents take their children into the art world of soil, feel the simplicity and delicacy of soil from their fingertips into their hearts, blend the fragrance of soil, creativity in their hearts and the world in their eyes, and jointly seek the fun of innocence, creating a special sweet parent-child time.