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The Delegation of Tanzania National Road Agency Visited Our Company's 50KM Road Project for Investigation and Study

The Delegation of Tanzania National Road Agency Visited Our Company's 50KM Road Project for Investigation and Study

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On October 1st, Tanzania time, Tanzania National Road Agency led more than 20 provincial representatives to form a delegation to visit our company’s 50KM road project and conducted investigation and study on the High cutting course Construction, High cutting sliding rectification and Concrete pavement works, etc. Liu Changshun, General Manager of Dejian International Tanzania Branch, introduced the project overview, construction status and project target plan to the members of the delegation.

In the K61+400 high cutting course Construction and sliding rectification sections, the slopes has been stabilized. After understanding the difficulty of the construction process, the members of the delegation consulted on the construction and treatment methods many times, and fully affirmed the construction experience of our company.

In the K62+600-K63+000 high cutting course Construction sections, the completed cutting course is perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment to form a natural scenery.The members of the delegation greatly appreciated and gave high praise.

In the K86+300-K88+200 concrete pavement sections, our company gave a detailed introduction to the delegation on the various sub-processes, quality assurance measures, and environmental safety measures of the concrete pavement construction.

This 50KM highway is the first national trunk road project with reinforced concrete pavement in Tanzania. It is the model for Tanzania to formulate concrete pavement standards, and it is also a model project for Tanzania to increase concrete road construction to stimulate domestic cement demand and promote economic decision-making. The person in charge of each provincial road agency highly appraised our company's construction quality control.

At present, our company has completed nearly 80% of the construction tasks on this highway. In the next construction process, all our staffs will continue their efforts and strive to complete the tasks successfully.