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Romanian Sunshine Apartment Project Blinding Concrete was Poured successfully

Romanian Sunshine Apartment Project Blinding Concrete was Poured successfully

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At 8:00 a.m. on October 1, local time, all the construction staff actively prepared, lasted for 5 hours, the Sunshine Apartment project blinding concrete was successfully poured, everyone is working together, with the enthusiasm of work and labor to celebrate the 72nd birthday of the motherland.

The successful pouring of blinding concrete marks the full start of Sunshine Apartment project, which is an important milestone of the project. In the following construction process, all the project staff will continue to work hard with full enthusiasm to achieve the goal of “High-Quality Development”.  

The Sunshine Apartment project is located in the Satul Tourist resort in Mangallia city, Constanta Province, Romania, close to the Mangallia coast, covering an area of 5735 square meters. The planned construction includes 259 apartments, including studio apartments, two-room apartments and LOFT apartments. The park and the apartments have complete supporting facilities. The project was officially approved in April 2020, and is expected to be completed and delivered in June 2024. The pre-sale will be officially launched in May 2021, and 15% of the pre-sale work has been completed so far.