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Good News-Dejian International Awarded Angolan Outstanding Excellent Construction Enterprise

Good News-Dejian International Awarded Angolan Outstanding Excellent Construction Enterprise

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Recently, the Government of Bier Province awarded the Angolan Branch of Shandong Dejian International Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd with the honorary title of "Bier Province of Angolan Outstanding Excellent Construction Enterprise". The Biye Outstanding construction enterprise award is the highest honor awarded by the government to construction enterprises that have made outstanding contributions and set an example.

At the award ceremony, Pereira Alfredo, Governor of Biye Province, on behalf of the provincial government, addressed sincere thanks to our company for its long-term commitment to local infrastructure construction and promoting the overall level of local construction industry. He said that under the current severe epidemic situation, Dejian international can perform the contract in strict accordance with the contract to ensure quality and speed, It is highly commendable to deliver every project on time.

In 2021, Angola branch actively developed business ideas, explored the field of road and bridge construction while doing a good job in housing construction projects, successively undertook and constructed livelihood infrastructure construction projects such as Quito River Bridge, 40km road and 50km road in Camacupa City, 10km municipal road in Catabola City, and won unanimous praise from the local government and the community.


Dejian International has been rooted in Angola over ten years. Adhering to the original intention of "based on the local and giving back to the local", it has made contributions to improving the infrastructure of people's livelihood while doing a good job in the enterprise's own development. It has been repeatedly praised and thanked by the local government and administrative agencies. The honors and thanks again and again drive us not to forget our original heart, strive to move forward, establish a good corporate image, win trust with quality, and tell a good Chinese story in Africa.