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Walk With Love And Warm Local|Dejian International Overseas Branches Carry Out Construction Assistance And Donation Activities

Walk With Love And Warm Local|Dejian International Overseas Branches Carry Out Construction Assistance And Donation Activities

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The Angola Branch Held Groundbreaking Ceremony For The Public Welfare Primary School Project

June 11, local time, Jose Tchatuvela, vice Governor of Bie Province, presided over the groundbreaking ceremony of the Embala Ecovongo Public welfare Primary School project, which was jointly built by Our company and the public welfare organization ANABIE.

At the ceremony, Vice Governor Jose Tchatuvela thanked the Angolan branch and the ANABIE Public Welfare Organization for their joint assistance. He Stressed that education is a top priority, he said the construction of the school is crucial to radically improve the local teaching conditions, moving students from poorly sheltered temporary facilities into large, bright brick classrooms where they can read and study in a better environment. Cheng Bo, General Manager of Angola Branch, said that we would organize construction scientifically, arrange personnel reasonably and handover the school as soon as possible.

The school covers an area of 9,665 square meters, with supporting facilities including classrooms for students, staff offices, outdoor football fields and fitness equipment, which will meet the needs of more than 1,300 students in the area.

The Caribbean Branch Donated supplies To Local Orphanages

June 11, our Caribbean branch went to St. Ann's Orphanage in Georgetown and Bless the Children's Home in Guyana for a charity donation. Donated items include toothpaste, toothbrushes, face masks, shampoo and soaps. The main management personnel of the company attended the donation.

The director of the local orphanage expressed his gratitude to our company for the charitable donation and appreciated the actions of the Chinese company in practicing social welfare and fulfilling social responsibility in Guyana.Zhao Hongpeng, General Manager of The Caribbean Branch, said that the company's development vision is to develop the market, integrate into the market, actively fulfill social responsibilities, actively participate in local public welfare undertakings within the scope of its ability, contribute to the local social development, and make contributions to the friendly development of the two countries. Finally, under the leadership of the director, the children expressed their gratitude to our company for the donation with innocent language.

Dejian International has been developing overseas markets for 18 years, actively integrating into local markets, and striving to fulfill social responsibilities. Every year, our overseas branches assist in construction and repair of local infrastructure, fight drought and provide disaster relief, and make charitable donations, all of which are highly praised by the local government. In the future, we will contribute to the development of the local society with a more full attitude of Chinese enterprises and contribute to the development of the countries we are servicing.