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Comparison between mechanical spraying gypsum process and traditional plastering process

Comparison between mechanical spraying gypsum process and traditional plastering process

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Abstract: Algeria residential interior building practices are generally divided into two ways: one is the traditional cement mortar plastering, mainly for the mistress (between kitchen and toilet and shower), two gypsum plastering, mainly used in the ordinary room (bedroom, living room). Gypsum plaster according to different construction methods are divided into artificial plastering and mechanical spraying two categories. The present paper compares the plaster plaster with the mechanical spraying operation and the traditional plastering of cement mortar in the aspects of labor cost, material cost, work efficiency, construction quality and controllability.

Keywords: gypsum, ergonomics

1, mechanical spraying gypsum construction process and its characteristics

The working procedure is as follows:

1) 1-2 days ahead of the wall watering wet.

2) according to the surface roughness of the base layer, hanging vertical and set rules, with mortar wall, holes, plugging, dense.

3) wall corner full of high angle cement mortar.

4) spraying operation. 1 workers operate nozzles, control spraying speed, and spray thickness control at 5-20mm. 2 workers immediately with a preliminary leveling trowel and bar, scraping excess gypsum, 1 workers in plaster after the initial set of two times to close the background light, the 1 workers responsible for mechanical operation and feeding.


1) gypsum adhesive force is stronger. The utility model is suitable for hollow bricks, walls, concrete columns, walls and other substrates.

2) setting hardening fast, saving time limit.

3) the drying shrinkage of small, not easy to crack and hollow.

4) construction speed, less pollution, can be completed after the completion of paving brick flooring.

2, manpower cost, material cost, work efficiency and construction quality controllability comparison

1) relative cost comparisons

construction technology

Plastering of cement mortar

Gypsum plastering by mechanical spraying


Labor cost contract

10.5 yuan / square meters (including labor Mix)

6 yuan / square meters

The former were built by Chinese workers, which were built by 3-4 local workers and 1-2 Chinese workers

Material cost per unit price

110DA/ square meters

70DA/ square meters

The local market price

Work efficiency

25 square meters per day

40 square meters per day

Local workers according to the equivalent of China workers labor calculation

2) comparison of controllability of construction quality

The quality of cement mortar plastering is poor because of the influence of factors such as material, working environment, field mortar mixing quality and technical level of operators. Different operators use different quality sand and cement at different stages, and the quality of finished products is quite different. And because of the characteristics of cement mortar, cracks, hollowing, surface quality problems such as ash explosion.

The raw materials of mechanical spraying gypsum are single, and they are generally purchased in large quantities at one time. The quality characteristics of the gypsum are stable, and the quality of the finished products is balanced and stable when the construction is operated by a special operator and continuously operated by machinery.

3, summary

To sum up, mechanical spraying gypsum plaster is more economical and reliable than cement mortar plastering, and it has greater advantages in the comfort of living at the same time. Therefore, EPC projects abroad can be extended to owners in order to reduce construction costs, accelerate construction speed and promote the degree of labor localization.

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