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African impressions of Mozambique

African impressions of Mozambique

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  Talking about Africa two words, I think most people will appear in the minds of the hot, barren, poor, mysterious primitive tribes, before I came to Mozambique, I would like to Africa in general is the same way.

  After graduation, I came to Mozambique as my wish. Second days after I got to the base of the company, I was put on the job. At the moment is a group of dark skinned people who can not distinguish the appearance, I and they go back and forth with the construction site, every day, potatoes, onions, tomatoes repeatedly eating, colleagues joked that these three vegetables as "auspicious Sambo."". Because of the specialty, many of my classmates are engaged in translation work in foreign countries, the students will be in the alumni group in Tucao, said we don't just translate, we still are technicians, accounting, logistics support, we can get the better of the police, too noisy heigong, urging bank staff had won, local officials, each set of eighteen as Wu Yi in a body.

  It is often said that Africans are poor, lazy and stupid, not punctual, and they like to steal things and lie. The government, banks and other departments are very inefficient, and they are always taking off and dragging, and the most important thing is personal safety. The above phenomenon does exist, but I have seen Africa differently in Africa for more than a year.

  I saw the blue sea, the white sand, the clear sky, and the green grass.

  I saw people sunning themselves on the beach, eating together and playing volleyball.

  I saw people enjoy lunch in a leisurely manner Western-style food store.

  I saw the weekend, in the evening bar, people danced to music.

  I saw workers refusing to work overtime on weekends, saying they would stay at home with their family on weekends.

  I have seen that even the less paid, the family will go to neighboring countries for holidays.

  I saw children playing by the side of the road. I don't think they would go to cram school or interest class.

  I saw half of the house built, the first floor has been admitted, two owners, and so on, and then continue to go up.

  Some time ago, there was a very hot article, "Africa can not go back to China", written in the suffering of Africa and the pain can not go back. Some people say, "I buried my youth in Africa."". Some people say, like the leisurely environment here, can not stand the domestic fast-paced life. No matter where we are, we should learn to enjoy the present life.

  I like Africa in my eyes, I think, for me, after a few years, I will miss the time in Africa very much.


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