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Busy Tanzania Project Department, Happy African Chinese New Year

Busy Tanzania Project Department, Happy African Chinese New Year

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  The Spring Festival has always been the most important festival for the Chinese nation. Every Chinese New Year holiday, the Chinese community will try our best to exhilarate their lives in order to show their thoughts on their hometown during the Spring Festival celebrations. As an employee of the Highway Project Department in Tanzania, we had had a joyful Spring Festival which is far away from family and colleagues in Tanzania!


  At present, the number of employees in Tanzania's project department is limited. On Chinese New Year's Eve's day, due to the overtime work done by the construction staff although it coincided with the rest day, atmosphere of Chinese New Year's seemed not strong, but it revealed a different kind of satisfaction in the busy working condition. On New Year's Eve, following the “chef” orders, washed vegetables, chopped up meat, took advantages of various cooking methods. Other colleagues joined to make dumplings, and each performs his own functions, someone prepare the dumpling stuffing, someone processed dumpling wrapper, and someone made. That the new year's dinner was entirely out of our hands is worth mentioning, which allowed the local chefs to admire the “Chinese good men” and claimed to be a student. During the dinner, from the laughter of talking about teenagers embarrassing to the confidence for the prospects of project, colleagues talked about everything, and It's not the wine that intoxicates but the drinker who gets himself drunk. Finally, the head of the production department of the project took the lead to give a happy New Year's video greeting to the family at hometown.



  Compared with the snow in hometown, Africa's burning and scorching sun was not only less a traditional taste of Spring Festival, but also aroused strong homesickness for staff of Dejian International. The colleagues in the project department have “when wine go in the secret come out.” talked and had concerns and thoughts with family members. Definitely Yes, we experienced hardships abroad, but the patience and hardships finally worth the spiritual reward and understanding of leadership as well as the comfort and peace of parents, wife, and children at home. In a word, many hardships but no regrets, this is the voice of all overseas staff of Dejian International! We firmly believe that Dejian International shall be well seated in the vast overseas market, and our pursuit of dreams is firm and powerful!

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