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Welcome the Chinese New Year by Adhering to Work

Welcome the Chinese New Year by Adhering to Work

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  It is another year from spring to autumn seasons of 365 days and nights. The Spring Festival, carrying the hopes and blessings of our Chinese people, gradually came to us. How many people rushed back home and how many people waited anxiously. Everyone had been expecting a reunion New Year's Eve.



  In order to realize our dreams and provide a better life for our families, the Dejian International overseas staff traveled and sweated overseas for thousands of miles. Just as the Spring Festival, the Dejian International overseas staff are still sticking to their posts. Although they are unable to be reunited with their families, they are actually paying for their families and sticking to their faith. They dedicated themselves to offering special gifts for 2018. On Chinese New Year's Eve, the dinner prepared carefully by chefs were on the table. Everyone sat around the table and watched the video of greetings and blessings from Dejian International Headquarter. We remembered the hardships of the past year and looked forward to the new hope of Year of the Dog. Brothers and friends will spread across the globe. friendship builds a bridge from coast to coast. Colleagues give greetings to each other and bless each other. At the dinner party, the sweepstakes buzzed with applause and laughter and pushed the party to a climax. No one cared the value of the prizes while only seeking a New Year's atmosphere and happiness. After the raffle, everyone joined to make dumplings, and each performs his own functions, someone prepare the dumpling stuffing, someone processed dumpling wrapper, and someone made. When had the first bite of hot dumplings, everyone felt happy and in the mind. Big family warmth was it!