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Angola item company to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival

Angola item company to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival

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  September 19, 2013 is the Chinese traditional festival, Mid Autumn Festival, in China in the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar. Although the body in a foreign country, far away, but it can not cover up the joy of the people, the spirit of the sea, the sea more than the sea, into the hearts of everyone working in Angola. Although there have no parents, no wife and children, but here there is a big family, some leaders, colleagues and brothers, we have a joyous gathering, celebrate the mid autumn festival.

  In the morning, people understood that everyone carries his good mood to work, although today is the Mid Autumn Festival, but because of the busy period, nervous, people still go to work, but the spirit is not the same, because in this moment, people understand that I can't accompany the holidays in the family, is in order to let the family a better life in the future. Early in the morning, management personnel will be issued to the poultry meat and drink beer the hands of staff, send the most sincere blessings and good wishes, four pm managers put around the city and the Development Zone workers back to the base, the evening to celebrate the mid autumn festival.

  The dinner started in the bustling atmosphere by bursting with happiness, first read the letter sent to the management company, the letter expressed the leadership of each employee and family holiday blessing, cordial greetings and hope, then the item company manager said: "for a long time, because of your trust and support and we can all make our business have succeeded in carrying out an assignment to do bigger and stronger, the family has been created by all staff, our passion for work, happy life, hard work, honest man, from top to bottom are filled with a kind of family culture, in such an atmosphere, a the building embodies the staff effort of building products, get the recognition and trust of the people, but we must keep a sober mind, because in the past the storm Lee era has ended, a new revolution has been kicked off, the new reform of the winner, must rely on innovation and reform, which means that we need to pay more attention to humanization, more refined, more focused, also means that we need more creativity, acquire more knowledge and skills". The project manager's speech Ren, concise and comprehensive, so that people benefit.

  The bright moon is rising above the sea, everyone faraway enjoy the same moment。 The two hour dinner time filled with joy and happy reunion blessing, in the laughter we gain a deep affection, had a memorable Mid Autumn Festival, the most important thing is that all the staff of the heart more closely, more consistent pace, so that we are full of hope for the development of the company to create more brilliant tomorrow.


Author: Zhang Zhao Photography: Zou Pengda