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Basketball competition -

Basketball competition -

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  The annual basketball match started again, and the opening ceremony and the first competition were held in the afternoon of October 10th by the industrial equipment installation company.

  The first match was between the industrial equipment installation company and the international branch. At the kickoff of group chairman Jin Zong, the first match began......

  The morning of October 12th, our company all the games are finished, and the brothers unit competition results, in fact, has long been expected, we accept the outcome of the game, because the result is not important, focusing on participation, everyone in the intense work, and be able to relax, to establish a deep friendship and fraternal units is the most important the.

  "Friendship first, competition second, good health, fun", I think it should be the ultimate goal of any event. When you see the end of the game, both players shake hands, clapping, encourage each scene, the most touching.

  This I have a wish, wish Dejian group at the headquarters under the leadership in each branch (sub) joint efforts of the company, can be in harmony, harmonious atmosphere, achieve better development.


International branch Author: Du Juan Photography: Pang Yushen