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Angola item company celebrates the Spring Festival

Angola item company celebrates the Spring Festival

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  Angola item company celebrates the Spring Festival

  Beyond the old words, the horse spring festival. In January 30th, the Lunar New Year's Eve, Angola item company employees at the base of reunion together to celebrate Spring Festival.

  The new green base tile is simple and elegant, post post hanging red lanterns, festive imagecolor door couplets on the auspicious auspicious, decorated the management dress festival of fire festival.

  At this moment, the domestic branch to send holiday greetings and sincere condolences, reposing deep affection, friendship and affection, vividly embodies the culture and humanistic care virtuarch life and growth in nature.

  Item company organized prize games and billiards competitions to enrich the cultural life of workers and staff, and to add a lively atmosphere to the festival. Management personnel arrangements, workers actively participate in all ebullience, laughter, and shake off a hard year, gathered a happy new year in bloom at this time. The game is simple, but enough to enjoy, watching the full of prizes, smiles on the face, workers feel the festival and the warmth of the enterprise.

  "Bang, bang, bang!"." With the opening of the wine bottle, the restaurant is full of passionate shouting, cheerful and cheerful laughter, and the spirit of inviting wine and inviting wine. It is important to follow the custom of eating dumplings on New Year's day. Employees work together, share the delicious dumplings round. New year's Eve, the screen frames in this happy moment.

  Busy and happy figure, in the Spring Festival in 2014, Angola item company restaurant constantly flashing, happy frequent, just like that silent picture, although ordinary, but also so emotional. With the new year's call!" All eyes are focused on television, the song song, connected with nostalgia, and heart; that sentence blessing, wrapped in warmth, hope reunion.

  Time flies, happy time always imperceptibly rush away. As the program has ended Chuang Chou dreaming a butterfly moment, but we have a long time sitting in front of the TV, like in the aftertaste, thoughts fly. The festive season is over, but the feast cleared, warm affection, my heart forever. We spent a happy and peaceful Chinese year together!

  As the saying goes: "no, good farming". At the beginning of the new year, the birth of new hope, Angola item company staff full of spirit and mission, and strive to achieve to develop overseas market development dream, to give their own infinite power for the development of company business and beautiful youth.


Li Ming

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